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Here’s the second and final portion of the blog article series on MBA vs MS Business Analytics vs MS Information Science. Ultimately, we’ll look at the best way to pick the right program and the right college for both MBA and MS Business (Data) Analytics.

MBA vs MS Business

MBA vs MS Business Analytics vs MS Information ScienceMBA vs MS Business/Data Analytics
I suppose that the readers have already gone through the prequel of this post. People who haven’t, here is a refresher — good MBA degrees from reputed schools continue to be very much valued by the employers. The two MBA and MS Business Analytics will co-exist as both of these are related to the job marketplace.

Based on Michael Goul (Chair of the Information Systems Department in the W.P Carey School of Business), business analytics graduates Aren’t going to compete directly with MBA graduates for jobs. Leading business visit the top-ranked company schools to sponsor both MBA and MS Analytics graduates.

Based on Paul Thompson (Partner, Deloitte Digital), skills in analytics has become very critical for business, as well as the execution of digitalization and data analytics has become essential to company operations.

More frequently than not, the MBA grads will function as decision-makers; however , they will need to understand the information for making those data conclusions.

All the business associations, such as management consulting companies, banks & financial solutions, and technology companies, are really searching for large data talent. In reality, a recent IDC forecast proves that 2018 will observe a six-time increase in the big data & Analytics job marketplace .

Consequently, these fuelled the mushrooming of the specialized Master’s programs in business analytics and data science all around the globe. Do not forget about online classes that pop up on your screen each time you check your FB feed, and also the Google Ads stating –“Mater’s in Business Analytics — No GMAT or GRE Required — Enrol Now”
Do not simply go by the glamorous websites with claims of working with Fortune 500 companies or offering complete scholarships, free notebooks, dinner vouchers, Thailand trips and that knows what!!!

India is a significant market for foreign universities.

They’ll be offering on-spot admissions offers, GRE/GMAT waiver, scholarships, and my favorite — IELTS/TOEFL/PTE waiver. It is your responsibility to appraise the program.

Data Science vs Data Analytics (or Business Analytics)
Information science and business analytics are very inter-related.

The real aim of MS Analytics program is to produce graduates who can solve Business Problems by applying Analytics.

There there’s a significant overlap between the two functions. A information scientist always must write custom queries along with a data analyst might have to construct a decision-making module either by simple rules or applying machine learning fundamentals.

In the firm or business circumstance , a data scientist will identify new products or characteristics that come from replicating the value of information . A company (or information ) analyst will operate on conceiving and implementing new metrics on capturing previously poorly known regions of the company or product.

The businesses might need around one million information scientists by 2018. According to IBM predictions, the number of jobs for many US data professionals at work. While companies such as IBM or Deloitte are extensively collaborating with business colleges to style MBA & MS programs, firms like Booz Allen Hamilton and Qlik are focusing on generating data scientists in-house.

Since info science unites analytics with business acumen, much could be gained by targeting workers with domain experience, along with technical arts. For many businesses, the very best use case for data science to add business value remains technology and marketing platforms with high activity levels.

Top Colleges Offering MS Statistics Science and Analytics at the Spring Intake in America

Be careful!!!

If you don’t have a strong capability, quantitative history, and programming skills, MS Business Analytics might not be your cup of tea. The MSBA programs involve computing, data, and an adequate level of programming, particularly at the very best universities. Besides, you will still have to have 1 — 3 decades of work experience in order to make it to the top universities.


There are several exciting and new-age career choices — such as digital marketing, designing, psychology, renewable energy, biotechnology, biomedical technology , regenerative medicine, hospitality & tourism etc.. Do not simply follow the crowd.

For a good livelihood, just passion and interest aren’t good enough. You must possess the ability and will need to be good at particular tasks.

MS Company (or Information ) Analytics — Overview & Case Studies
Course Curriculum of MS Business Analytics in Top Universities

So, if you would like to shy away from Maths, Statistics, R and Python, run miles away from MS Business Analytics.

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How Competitive is becoming into MS Business Analytics in Top Universities?

In 2014, the MS Business Analytics (MSBA) program in the USC Marshall School of Business received 300 applications in the early round. Guess what, only 18 were declared in that cohort. In the McCombs School of Business, the 2017 cohort of MSBA program confessed 53 pupils. The mean GPA of the class was 3.61 along with the average GMAT score was 718.

See MS Business Analytics Admit Story at UT Austin to get Indian Candidate with Retail & E-Commerce history .

At MIT, applicants will need to some one-page Recruitment , two Essays that include a Personal Statement (letter of motivation) & a current analytics/data science project, which ought to comprise up to three demonstration, a brief Video Statement (Applicant receives a randomly generated query and contains 2 minutes to prepare a 60 second reaction. ).

Additionally, applicants also must submit test scores (GRE/GMAT and TOEFL/IELTS), three Letters of Recommendation, Official Transcripts — hard copies and soft copies. Lastly, there’s an application fee ($150) and an optional component too, that should not be treated as really optional if you truly wish to lift your admission chances.

The Application Process will be Intensive & Intellectually Challenging

Greatest MS Business Analytics Programs in the World
Since MS in Business Analytics program is comparatively quite new, there are not many ranking tables to get a notion unlike the MBA rank tables (FT, Forbes, US News, Poets & Quants, Economist, Bloomberg, QS Top MBA et al.). But, QS has just released their first list of the Best 45 MS Business Analytics applications on earth in 2017. It’s a fantastic work. But, as always, it’s only a one information point. Second, it’s list of only 45 universities. Whereas, there could be more than hundreds of business schools offering Masters in Business Analytics all around the globe. Before QS, Poets & Quants compiled a listing of MS in Business Analytics Programs in the Top 100 Business Schools. Butrather than programs, it basically lists the company schools and pulls fat out of the MBA ranks.

The QS list is worldwide. However, it’s a bit difficult to digest that not one program from Canada is there on the list. really very excellent applications with outstanding school and strong industry links. So, my personal advice would be searching beyond the positions, too. Opt for the program content and not simply rank. People who want to find out more about the methodologies about these positions read the post on QS vs Times vs ARWU. The BEST program is a fantasy; it is about the RIGHT app for YOU.

Butlater figured out the ideal program for him and went on to perform MS Business Analytics at Bentley University. Do follow his suggestions on performing extensive research, working with the ideal entrance adviser, and honest procedure self-reflection. But, don’t attempt to imitate his stunts of employing for the late deadline rounds. As Sameer Kamat proposed –“Organize your journey well beforehand. Hit the road early. Drive secure “.

Don’t proceed for Brand Names & Rankings Blindly for Pursuing MBA

If it comes to MBA job placements (getting a job within 3 months after completion of MBA), schools like Temple University & Rutgers overcome Wharton & Tuck Business School. Surprisingly, at Stanford GSB, that attracts tons of software, performs very badly in the positioning category. However, that’s also because the MBA students are somewhat choosy, and they maybe need a fat paycheque to recover the investments. As I mentioned earlier, rank tables may be deceptive occasionally.

Another issue with the ranking tables is authenticity. Rankings not only aid the MBA applicants but also the business colleges and companies. A top-ranked b-school can draw in high-achieving pupils and dignified college members. Many leading firms recruit MBA graduates from just the for-profit colleges. Due to all these factors, company colleges (not all) and the books (who publish those ranking tables) frequently manipulate the data. Again, not all of books.

Focus on MBA Placements

At the Fox Business School (Temple University), the course curriculum was designed following a survey of 300 corporate leaders about what abilities MBAs have to have in order to be successful in the globalized market. The Career Services assist MBA students with their own development, industry awareness, belief management, media, and also provide services such as resume critiques, interview prep,

There are various b-schools that offer 1 — 3 months of internship. Quite often students will need to locate those opportunities on their own, which could be daunting to the international students. By comparison, the D’Amore-McKim MBA provides a unique company residency program. It’s a 6-month MBA level position, where pupils on crucial assignments. Thus, the business ensures each graduate with 6 weeks of work experience together with valuable references along with a wealthy network.

Be Practical and Establish Realistic Goals

Last, the best 20 — 25 apps (largely the large brands) are constantly over competitive. You may get a better chance if you aim more reach-schools and one or two big brands. You need to be sensible in the end. As stated at the first part of the series, people will judge you by your abilities and project performance. Nobody is going to be much bothered about the brand names.

If you are scared of criticism, the anticipation from family, and peer pressure, it’s time to change your mindset. There are several not-so-popular but good universities. The key is to evaluate yourself and establish the right program based on your career goals. Know that the tips to steer clear of social pressures while contemplating higher education.

Self-Evaluation is Vital
However, all you need is your pursuing the right program to acquire knowledge and skill set so you are able to be recognized and valued by your company and direction.

There is not any purpose in going after big brands by becoming bankrupt. Consider that — few fans and journalists have been following a legend for years. But, the management and company know and comprehend the legend’s value.

beneficial to have a supportive post-study labour regulation from the overseas study overseas destination. From the US, if you are going for an MBA program you will have 12 weeks to start looking for employment. MS Business Analytics applications fall under the STEM class.

In the UK, if you have solid large data and analytics abilities along with 5 years of relevant work experience (as a information scientist or company analyst), then you’re likely to come under the skills deficit category. Thus, that will increase the project prospects.

In Australia, if you’re opting for 1-year or 18-month apps, you won’t be eligible to apply for the post-study work license. Your Master’s program should be of at least a 2-year duration. Canada would be a wonderful study overseas destination since there are few elite universities offering MBA and MS Business Analytics. Besides, Canada also supplies a relaxed stay-back choice to search for employment.

France has got quite a few top business schools — INSEAD, HEC Paris, ESCP Paris, ESSEC, EDHEC, Grenoble to list a couple. Furthermore, France allows international students to stay and work in the nation for 2 years after the Masters.

Read more about this Post Study Work and Work Permit principles and the Best MBA Abroad Countries for Indian Students.

MBA vs MS Business Analytics: Ideas by Ajay Singh, Founder & CEO Stoodnt, Inc..
MBA and MS — Both are graduate levels; hence provide you a specialization in either business field or business analytics. Company Analytics has a huge opportunity given the exponential growth in electronic platform and data. If someone enjoys data and analytics, better for them to do MS in Business Analytics unless you get into a leading business application. Best small business programs give you more flexibility to enter advertising, financial services or a specific area you might be considering. Listed below are some pros and cons for the two.

MS in Business or Data Analytics
Experts: Specialization in a specialized field, growing region, global applicability, easier to get promoted if good given technical character .

Disadvantages: Become a professional, not a generalist. Does not provide general company skilling, many leading schools might not have that, doesn’t supply an alumni network as big .

Pros: If done from a top school, gives wider chance, manufacturer name, alumni community and capability to apply for any number of jobs after graduation.

Cons: need to compete with Americans/Europeans if working out India, want to have a good communication to be successful and be a generalist.

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